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The Rayken Construction Constructions model allows us to get involved at any stage of the building process from concept design at feasibility, to development of planning application drawings to construction. Quite often our clients deliver us a Architectural plans and from here we are able to assist with design documentation incorporating value management savings leading to fixed price contracting. However we are willing to work with clients to develop the very best strategy which may include a design and construct solution or construction management based on client and project requirements.

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Listen better.

Plan better.

Build better.

  • Design Documentation
  • Planning and Building Permit Applications
  • Fixed Price Contracting
  • Value Management
  • Design and Construct
  • Construction Management

We are able to offer 1 stop shop service from property development to Building construction to save you time and money. The Developers need to be proactive and make things happen.

We are able to work through with you for the development process to obtain DA approval and also able to provide the construction services to obtain BA approval and final certificate after the construction is completed. As for more than 10 years’ experience in construction, we are able to provide you the best service to reduce tour construction cost in order to increased your profit for the final development project.

The Property Development

Process in 7 steps.

Brisbane Renovation

Pre purchase Stage


Brisbane Renovation

Negotiating Contracts and Purchasing


Brisbane Renovation

Town planning and Development approval


Brisbane Renovation

Working Drawing and documentation


Brisbane Renovation

Pre construction


Brisbane Renovation



Brisbane Renovation



Types of Developments Service Offered

Brisbane Renovation


Brisbane Renovation

Town Houses

Brisbane Renovation

Small Lot Subdivision


Our homes aren’t only built to order, they’re built to be more sustainable. Energy and water efficiency come standard in every KB home along with other sustainable, environmentally conscious products and features. Sustainability is a core operational philosophy and we remain committed to our sustainability initiatives because we feel they are the right thing to do for our customers, employees and planet.

Home Extensions, Alterations and Renovations

Beautiful Home Extensions, Alterations or Renovations – LEAP Homes make these easy to achieve.

Does your family need more room? Need a big entertaining deck, new bathroom, or other renovation?

Increase your home’s market value and appeal while making it infinitely more enjoyable and livable.

Home Extensions, Alterations and Renovations

When you extend or renovate your home, you’d like it to look like it was always there, right? We don’t use pre-fab extensions or anything off the shelf. Through innovative use of new and traditional materials, and matching the house’s existing design layout and materials, we can ensure a streamlined, fully compatible look.

As home extension specialists with extensive experience in greater Brisbane, we can provide:

  • House Extensions or Alterations
  • Queenslande Home shift , rise and Renovations

Practical Living Through Consultation

We listen to you, and then discuss the different advantages or disadvantages of your ideas. Using our experience in renovations, we can help you make smart lighting, tiling, window, and furnishings choices, This way, we make the planned renovation meet all your needs.