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  • Design Documentation
  • Planning and Building Permit Applications
  • Fixed Price Contracting
  • Value Management
  • Design and Construct
  • Construction Management

The Rayken Constructions model allows us to get involved at any stage of the building process. From concept design at feasibility, to development of planning application drawings to construction, we ensure quality work all throughout.

Most of our clients provide their own architectural plans, and from these resources, we are able to assist with design documentation incorporating value management savings leading to fixed price contracting. However, if you are starting from scratch and without architectural plans to begin with, we are willing to work with you to develop the most suitable and results-driven strategies. This may include a design and construct solution or construction management, based on the nature of the project and your specific requirements.

Design Documentation

With our years of experience in providing detailed visual representations and documentations involved in construction projects, you can entrust this very important phase to us. Whether it be project information, proposed designs, planning reports, floor plans and architectural sheets and drawings, we got you covered!

Planning and Building Permit Applications

Obtaining a planning building permit requires a level of familiarity regarding different requirements and local policies. But you don’t have to be bothered about these matters as our team can take care of all required permits.

Fixed Price Contracting

We understand how important cost transparency and certainty are in dealing with a construction project. To provide a worry-free agreement with you on budget and costing, we can offer Fixed Price Contracting.

Value Management

Getting the most out of available resources is vital in every building project. With Value Management, our team can ensure that tools and manpower are being efficiently utilised, while maintaining top quality all throughout.

Design and Construct

Sustainability, consistency and cost efficiency are some of the advantages of this type of delivery model. Since we will solely execute and oversee the entirety of your building project. The workflow, collaboration, goals and quality of work are maintained from start to finish.

Construction Management

Having a fully-qualified and experienced construction manager involved in the early stages your building project gives you the confidence and assurance that all aspects are supervised and updates are directly communicated to you.


Our homes aren’t only built to order, they’re built to be more sustainable. Energy and water efficiency come standard in every RK home along with other sustainable, environmentally conscious products and features. Sustainability is a core operational philosophy and we remain committed to our sustainability initiatives because we feel they are the right thing to do for our customers, employees and planet.

Rayken Constructions

The Experts in Building and Construction, Aiming to Materialize Your Dream Home


Since 2005, Rayken Constructions has been helping clients to achieve their home and building aspirations. Through professional care and quality, we help build your ideas, move your imaginations within reach and transform them into reality. We recognize that this is potentially a lifetime investment of both time and money. Therefore, our team will fully utilize all accessible tools and expertise to materialize your dreams.

A high performing professional family, Rayken Constructions has surpassed different challenges in the industry, which means our services and client relationships have significantly progressed over the years.

Through these experiences, we can guarantee top quality services, transparent agreements and responsible handling of any project that we are presented with. Whether we are dealing with renovating an heritage house or transforming an empty land into a remarkable high-end modern building, our clients can be confident that we will consistently deliver exceptional service.

As with the custom interiors for both builds and renovations, we can assure you that we will bring an outcome that will help you truly understand the benefit of your property development.

Brisbane Builders

We recognize that as your trusted builders, it is our responsibility to provide you a seamless and productive building process and to exert every effort to make this journey as stress-free as possible. With our industry knowledge and the experience we’ve had in dealing with different types of construction projects, you can be confident that our professional advice will always be the best solution, carefully considering your goals and budget.

With quality, care and precision, we will ensure that your project will be one of most attractive infrastructures in the precinct, which will leave your neighbours happy to have you in their area.